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You can get immigration and citizenship services, including:

  • Requests for immigration or citizenship application forms, including fee information
  • Assistance with delayed immigration cases
  • Appointments for free, confidential legal help with citizenship applications or other immigration legal issues
  • Referrals for immigrants seeking English or citizenship classes and counseling

You can also get referrals to community organizations that can help with immigration legal issues, such as:

  • Deportation cases
  • Applications for citizenship
  • Green cards
  • Temporary Protective Status (TPS)
  • Haitian Family Reunification Parole (HFRP)
  • Other immigration status information or benefits

Visit the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs website.

The New Americans Hotline is a State-wide referral service for immigration legal services.

You will be referred to community organizations that can provide free and confidential assistance with: 

  • Work visas
  • Haitian Family Reunification Parole (HFRP)
  • Asylum 
  • Other immigration benefits
  • Immigration legal issues, including deportation cases

You can also get information about the Diversity Visa Lottery.

Assistance is available in multiple languages.


Learn more about the New Americans Hotline.

By Phone

  • Agency: Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs
  • Division: New Americans Hotline
  • Phone Number: (800) 566-7636
  • Business Hours: Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 8 PM
  • You'll hear an automated message that will ask for your language. During business hours, you'll then be connected to an agent.

Locate an Immigration Detainee

You can use the Department of Homeland Security website to find a family member who is in immigration detention. Enter your family member's information on the Online Detainee Locator System.

If you need help with a deportation case, the New Americans Hotline will refer you to organizations that can provide free and confidential assistance with immigration legal issues.

City's Restrictions on Immigration (ICE) Detainers

On November 14, 2014, Mayor de Blasio signed two laws to restrict the circumstances in which New York City will honor immigration detainers, and to remove federal immigration enforcement from City facilities. These laws went into effect on December 14, 2014.

Immigration, or "ICE," detainers are requests from federal immigration enforcement officials. These requests ask local police and jails to keep individuals in custody beyond the time when they would otherwise be released, so that federal immigration officials can take custody.

As a result of the two laws signed by Mayor de Blasio, the City only complies with these requests when they are supported by a judicial warrant and when the individual has either been convicted of a serious or violent felony or is a possible match on a terrorist watch list.

In addition, as of February 13, 2015, immigration enforcement authorities no longer maintain an office at Department of Correction facilities at Rikers Island.

These laws are intended to foster trust between immigrant communities and police. They prevent individuals who are not public safety threats from being transferred into the federal immigration enforcement system.

If you have questions about an individual legal situation, you should speak to an attorney. The New Americans Hotline can help you find free or low-cost legal assistance.

Supreme Court Ruling on Travel Ban

On June 26, 2018, the Supreme Court held that President Trump's third travel ban, issued on September 24, 2017, is lawful. This ban applies travel restrictions by barring visa issuance to certain people from 7 countries, subject to some exemptions.

The travel ban impacts nationals of the following countries:

  • Iran
  • Somalia
  • Syria
  • North Korea
  • Libya
  • Venezuela
  • Yemen

Learn more about the travel ban.

ActionNYC connects New Yorkers to free, safe immigration legal help. 

You will be given an appointment to a trusted community organization that can provide free and confidential screenings to learn your immigration legal options and application assistance with:

  • Green card renewals
  • Family petitions
  • Adjustment of status
  • TPS
  • DACA 
  • Other immigration cases
  • Public charge information

There are ActionNYC sites in all five boroughs. Appointments are required. Your appointment will be in your language.

Get ActionNYC information and learn how to make an appointment.

Call 311 for assistance by phone.

NYCitizenship provides free legal help with citizenship applications. You can request an appointment to meet with a free, trusted lawyer at a library near you. You can also receive free, confidential financial counseling.

311 can transfer you to the NYCitizenship appointment line, and you will be given an appointment required to receive these services.

Learn more about NYCitizenship.

    Call 311 for assistance by phone.

    Participating Library Locations

    Appointments are required. When NYCitizenship calls you back to schedule your appointment, you'll be able to select one of these locations:


    • Bronx Library Center


    • Eastern Parkway Library
    • Flatbush Library
    • Kings Highway Library
    • New Utrecht Library


    • Inwood Library
    • Science, Industry and Business Library


    • Astoria Library
    • Central Library-Jamaica
    • Flushing Library
    • Jackson Heights Library

    Staten Island

    • St. George Library

    The City offers free services to immigrants through community-based organizations.  

    You can get: 

    • Citizenship application assistance 
    • English as a second language classes 
    • Civics and citizenship classes
    • Counseling


    Get assistance from a community-based organization.

    By Phone

    • Agency: Department of Youth and Community Development
    • Division: Youth Connect
    • Phone Number: (800) 246-4646
    • Business Hours: Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM

    "We Are New York"

    "We Are New York" is a show for people learning English. You can watch this show on Channels 25 and 74. You can find schedule information online. Learn more at We Speak NYC.

    Temporary Protected Status (TPS) recipients should speak with an attorney to see whether they should re-register for TPS.  U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) urges current TPS recipients to renew as soon as possible to avoid a lapse in status.

    Do not trust any business or individual that promises a Green Card or U.S. Citizenship. Only lawyers or those who have gotten permission from the U.S. Department of Justice can give legal advice or tell you whether you can apply for a renewal.

    If you have questions about your individual situation, you should see a trusted immigration attorney. TPS recipients should make an appointment with a legal service provider to talk through their options.

    Learn more and get updates about Temporary Protected Status (TPS). You can also call 311 again for updates.

    You can make an appointment with ActionNYC for free and safe immigration legal services.

    Call 311 for assistance by phone.

    Application Forms and Guides

    You can get immigration and citizenship application forms and guidelines by phone or online. 

    Internet access is available at local Libraries.


    Get information about immigration application forms and fees.

    By Phone

    You can request immigration or citizenship application forms through an automated telephone system.  You must provide a mailing address in order for the requested form to be mailed.

    • Agency: United States Citizenship and Immigration Service
    • Division: Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services Forms Request Line
    • Phone Number: (800) 870-3676
    • Business Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
    • This system is fully automated; staff is not available. Automated assistance is also available in Spanish.

    Where to Send your Application

    You can get the most current information about where to file immigration or citizenship applications by calling the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) National Customer Service Center or by going to TTY assistance is available for the deaf and hard of hearing by calling (800) 767-1833.

    • Agency: Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services Forms Request Line
    • Division: USCIS National Customer Service Center
    • Phone Number: (800) 375-5283
    • Business Hours: Monday - Friday: 8 AM - 8 PM

    Immigration Application Delayed

    The Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs (MOIA) provides assistance when there is a long delay after you have submitted an application for citizenship, naturalization, a green card, or other immigration status or benefit.

    If the delay is less than 6 months:

    Call the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) National Customer Service Center.

    • Agency: Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services Forms Request Line
    • Division: USCIS National Customer Service Center
    • Phone Number: (800) 375-5283
    • Business Hours: Monday - Friday: 8 AM - 8 PM

    If the delay is over 6 months:

    MOIA can contact USCIS for you.

    Call 311 for assistance by phone.

    The CUNY Citizenship Now Project provides free, high quality, and confidential citizenship and immigration law services to help immigrants on their path to U.S. citizenship. 

    You can get immigration assistance at CUNY Immigration Centers located at various CUNY campuses throughout New York City. Immigration attorneys and paralegals offer confidential one-on-one consultations to assess your eligibility for legal benefits and can advise you on the most viable options available. You can also get citizenship and family immigration application assistance. 

    Learn more about the CUNY Citizenship Now Project.

    Learn how to become a volunteer.

    The CUNY Citizenship Now Project also provides free English and civics classes to Lawful Permanent Residents.

    CUNY Immigration Centers

    CUNY Immigration Centers are available in all five boroughs. Before you go to a Center for assistance, please call for an appointment.

    Call 311 for assistance by phone.

    English and Civics Classes

    To be admitted into the class, you must present proof of Lawful Permanent Residence by showing the following:

    • Green Card
    • Passport with valid I-551 stamp

    You can get more information online or by phone.


    Get information about free English and Civics classes.

    By Phone

    Call 311 for assistance.