Call 911
Call 911 for a downed power line causing a life-threatening situation or other immediate danger or to report electrical work in progress without a permit.

Need something else?

You can report an electrical problem in an apartment, defective or exposed electrical wiring in a building, or faulty outdoor electrical equipment. 

You can make a complaint about an electrical problem inside an apartment, including:

  • Lighting that dims or flickers
  • Lighting fixtures that are missing, hanging, loose, sparking, wet, flooded, or smoking
  • No lighting
  • Outlets or switches that are sealed or defective
  • Power outage
  • Wiring that is exposed, frayed, or illegally installed, or fuses that blow out

Before filing a complaint, you should try to resolve the issue with your landlord, managing agent, or superintendent. If you live in a co-op or condo, you should first report apartment maintenance issues to the owner, management company or board before filing a complaint with HPD.

What You Need

When reporting an electrical problem in an apartment, you must provide your contact information.

What Happens Next

The Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) investigates maintenance complaints and tickets owners who break the law.

Learn more about HPD complaints and inspections.

Additional Assistance

There is additional support available for tenants in rent-controlled or rent-stabilized apartments. To learn more, go to the Rent Regulated Apartments page.

For more information about residential property maintenance requirements and tenant rights and responsibilities, use the Housing Rules for Owners and Tenants page.

Copies of maintenance complaints are available for both Tenants and Landlords.For additional questions about a complaint or to get copies of complaints, go to the HPD Building Information and Code Enforcement Borough Service Center page.

Housing Court

If you made a complaint and your landlord didn't fix the problem, you can take legal action in Housing Court. Document all contact with your landlord and HPD about the conditions in your apartment so you can use it in court.

To learn more about Housing Court, go to the Housing Court for Tenants and Landlords page.

You can report defective electrical wiring with old or split wires or exposed wiring.

    You can report electrical work done in the past without a permit.

    Your report should include:

    • If building has 3 or more units
    • If people are living in the building during electrical work
    • Who did the work
    • Dates and times work was done
    • If a permit is posted

    You can report faulty power equipment, including low hanging, dangling, downed, or corroded power lines and "hot spots." You can also make a complaint about overhead or underground power lines.


    Report faulty power equipment or lines to Con Edison.

    By Phone

    • Agency: Con Edison
    • Division: Electric Hotline
    • Phone Number: (800) 752-6633
    • Business Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
    • Staff is available through the automated phone system during business hours. Automated assistance is also available in Spanish. Most languages are available through a staff person.

    Utility poles and the wires between them are used to provide electrical, telephone, or cable services. They are primarily owned and maintained by utility companies, such as Verizon, Charter Spectrum, and Con Edison. The poles are usually made of wood.

    Streetlights have metal poles, and are usually powered by energy supplied through wiring located in the base at the bottom of the pole. They are rarely powered by wires strung between poles. The City's Department of Transportation maintains streetlights.