The sale of New York City Parking cards ended on December 13, 2018. Parking cards will still be accepted at parking meters throughout the city with no expiration date.

The New York City Parking Card is a pre-paid card that can be used for parking at all City municipal parking fields, parking meters, and selected electronic single-space meters located in Long Island City and Manhattan.

Parking cards do not expire, and you can't refill them. Use the card until the original value you purchased is spent. Discard after use. Refunds are not issued for any unused funds or partially used cards.

To use the parking card, insert it in the meter. After you deduct the amount you need to pay, the new balance will be displayed.

When a parking card has a remaining value lower than what is needed for parking, you can combine the card value with cash to complete the transaction. In order to do this, don’t allow too much time between deducting the payment from the parking card and inserting the additional coin payment.

The following steps are recommended:

  • Get the parking card and coins ready before beginning transaction
  • Insert the parking card into machine
  • Press the blue button to deduct payment from the parking card until it is fully used
  • Leave the parking card in the machine
  • Insert as many coins as needed to purchase the full amount of parking
  • Press the green button for your receipt
  • If it’s a Pay-N-Display facility, display the receipt on your dashboard

The City of New York is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged cards.  

New York City Parking Cards can be damaged if mistreated. Avoid exposure to high temperatures (leaving the card on the dashboard under a hot sun) and keep cards dry. Do not bend the card, peel away the protective coating or scratch the card chip with sharp objects.

Cards are valuable. Treat the card as if it were cash.

You can get help with a parking card that is not working.

The City is not responsible for cards damaged by mistreatment.

Call 311 for assistance.