Coronavirus (COVID-19) Alert

As of June 14, 2021 older adult centers (also called senior centers) may reopen for indoor activities. As of June 1, 2021, older adult centers can resume outdoor activities. 

Participants must follow face covering and social distancing guidelines.

Contact your neighborhood older adult center for information about what services are available, when they will be provided, and any other information about services.

Use Site Finder to search for a Senior Center. Contact them by phone. If you get the voicemail system, leave a message with your contact information and you'll get a call back.

Any senior looking for options on where and how to get food, including possible home delivery, should visit the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources and Support page.

GetFoodNYC Feedback

If you are already receiving meals through GetFoodNYC Emergency Home Food Delivery and you want to submit feedback or make a complaint, visit the GetFoodNYC Emergency Home Food Delivery page.

Home Delivered Meals Program

If you are already receiving meals through DFTA's Home Delivered Meals program and are known to DFTA’s case management services, and need to submit feedback or a complaint, go to the Home Delivered Meals for Seniors page.

The Home Delivered Meals program provides one meal a day and is separate from DFTA Direct.