You can file a complaint against residences, businesses, City agencies, and non-profit institutions for the following:

  • Recycling not separated from trash (manager/owner and tenants)
  • Storage area for recyclables not provided
  • Trash and recycling containers without labels
  • Not using clear plastic bags for recycling or black or opaque bags for trash
  • Recycling area signs not posted or maintained
  • Recycling instructions not provided to tenants (commercial businesses only)

The Department of Sanitation responds to complaints against residences, City agencies and non-profit institutions in 3 to 7 business days. Complaints against commercial businesses are responded to in 15 business days.

Get information about recycling.

Get brochures and pamphlets about recycling.

Fine amounts are:

  • $25 for the first violation
  • $50 for the second violation
  • $100 for the third violation
  • $500 for each additional violation within a six-month period

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