Call 911
Call 911 to report a downed power line.

Need something else?

You can report a problem with a streetlight to the Department of Transportation (DOT).

You must provide a location of the streetlight condition. You do not need to leave contact information. If you provide an e-mail address, you will receive a service request confirmation email.

You can report streetlight conditions on all City roadways, pathways, golf courses, and parking lots in public parks. 

DOT responds to streetlights conditions such as:

  • On during the day
  • Burned out
  • Cycling
  • Leaning
  • Missing transformer base doors 
  • Damaged

Response Time

Streetlights are maintained by different contractors in each borough. Unless the contractor determines that the streetlight outage is due to a long-term construction issue or a ConEd power issue, repairs should be performed within 30 days.

Orange Indicators

Orange indicators over lamp posts designate the location or intersection with fire or police alarm call boxes.

Stop Tag Information

Stop tag numbers are located on DOT’s street lighting work order form. They indicate a stoppage in electricity going into the street light pole. DOT notifies Con Edison about electrical outages.

  • From November 1 to April 30, Con Edison is required to repair 90% of streetlights with no electric current within 90 days.
  • From May 1 to October 31, Con Edison is required to repair 80% of streetlights with no electric current within 45 days.

In no case will any streetlight repair under Con Edison's responsibility take longer than 180 days to complete.

Con Edison is responsible for correcting stop tags. To follow up on a street light work order with a stop tag number, call Con Edison and select the electrical emergency option.

  • Agency: Con Edison
  • Phone Number: (800) 752-6633
  • Business Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Staff is available through the automated phone system at all times. Automated assistance is also available in Spanish. Most languages are available through staff.

You can request the removal of sneakers or other foreign objects from a City-owned streetlight pole or wires.

First, ownership must be determined. If the pole is not owned by the City, a referral will be made to the owner of the pole.


Email the Department of Transportation.

By Mail

Mail your request to:

Department of Transportation Commissioner
55 Water Street, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10041

Determining Ownership of Poles and Wires

Utility poles and the wires between them are used to provide electrical, telephone, or cable services. They are primarily owned and maintained by utility companies, such as Verizon, Charter Spectrum, and Con Edison. The poles are usually made of wood.

Streetlights have metal poles, and are usually powered by energy supplied through wiring located in the base at the bottom of the pole. They are rarely powered by wires strung between poles. DOT maintains streetlights.

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