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You can learn about propane tank storage regulations for New York City, including the procedure for discarding a propane gas tank.

One or two family properties are allowed to store outdoors a maximum of two 20 pound propane cylinders.

Propane storage and use is limited to a single small disposable 16.4 ounce cylinder for all other residential properties, including the roof and terraces of apartment buildings.

Outdoor barbecue grills designed to use charcoal or electricity with a total grate area not exceeding 10 square feet may be installed, operated and maintained on any residential premises, provided that such barbecues are not installed or operated within 10 feet of any flammable waste or material.

View the New York City Fire Code.

Call 311 if you need more help.

The Department of Sanitation does not collect propane tanks, such as those used by gas barbecues, because they are pressurized and may explode when compressed in the garbage truck. 

Used tanks should be exchanged when buying a new tank, or brought in to a hardware store or private propane dealer for reuse or recycling. Scrap metal dealers may also accept used tanks for recycling.

You can also bring propane tanks to a SAFE Disposal event.

Call 311 if you need more help.