The Family Homelessness and Eviction Prevention Supplement (FHEPS) program provides rental assistance for permanent housing for families with children that receive Cash Assistance AND:

  • live in shelters 
  • are being evicted OR
  • have been evicted  

If you live in the community, you can find out if you are eligible by visiting a Human Resources Administration (HRA) Job Center. 

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If you live in a shelter, you can get help applying for FHEPS from your case manager or housing specialist.

FHEPS was formerly known as FEPS, or the Family Eviction Prevention Supplement.

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FHEPS eligibility for families includes these requirements, among others.

Families that qualify for FHEPS must include:

  • A child under 18 years of age,
  • A child 18 years of age who is enrolled full time in high school, or a vocational or technical training program, OR
  • A pregnant woman

Families qualifying for FHEPS must also:

  • Live in or be eligible to live in an HRA shelter
  • Live in a DHS shelter after being evicted from their home sometime in the year before they entered shelter
  • Have lost their housing because of a domestic violence situation
  • Have lost their housing because of health or safety issues, OR
  • Be facing eviction or have been evicted in NYC within the past 12 months.

Families must have an active Cash Assistance case or qualify for Cash Assistance once they leave a homeless shelter.

CityFHEPS is a program that can help you find and pay for permanent housing if you are eligible.

Eligible candidates include:

  • Low-income families who live in shelters
  • Individual adults who live in shelters  
  • Low-income families and adults who are at risk of becoming homeless

If you live in a shelter, you can get help finding out if you are eligible for a CityFHEPS subsidy from your case manager or housing specialist. 

If you live in the community, you can go to a Homebase location to be screened for CityFHEPS subsidy eligibility.

Learn more about CityFHEPS.

HDU at the job center can submit requests to modify an existing FHEPS grant or restore a closed FHEPS grant. 

You can request a modification to your FHEPS grant if your income, rent expense, or household composition changes.

You can request a restoration of your FHEPS grant if it ended within the last 12 months and your family is still eligible for FHEPS.