The Income Savings Requirement (ISR) is a program that requires families with income to save money every month while in shelter. The Human Resources Administration (HRA) will determine if your family must contribute through ISR and how much you will be required to save. 

HRA makes their determination based on:

  • The type of income you have, either earned (employment) or unearned (Social Security Insurance, for example)
  • Which family members have what type of income.

Eligible families will be required to mail a check or a money order to HRA every month in the amount of their savings payment. Cash will not be accepted. Your savings will earn interest in an account managed by HRA. Funds will be returned to you once you exit shelter.

HRA will not consider your savings as income when they figure out your cash assistance of food stamp benefits for 1 year after exiting shelter and receiving your funds.

You cannot have access to the money in your savings account while you are in the shelter.  If you leave the shelter, you can request to have that money returned to you.

Contact the Department of Homeless Services.

You will receive a notice from the State with the amount you should contribute to the ISR program. If you disagree with the amount, you can request a Fair Hearing by calling the phone number listed on the notice.

The State has an Income Savings Requirement (ISR) for families who live in a shelter and who have income from a job.  When your family is ready to move out of the shelter, your shelter caseworker will help you get the money that was contributed to that account.

If you were living in a Department of Homeless Services (DHS) shelter and you left without notifying your caseworker, you can request an ISR Disbursement Form to apply to receive the money you contributed to your ISR account. 

When you receive the ISR Disbursement Form, you should complete it and return it to DHS. When your account balance is confirmed, the Human Resources Administration (HRA) will send you a check.  You should allow 4 weeks to receive a check for the money in your Income Savings Requirement account.

Call 311 for assistance.

After DHS confirms that you have a balance in your Income Savings Requirement account and that you are no longer in a shelter, DHS will mail a ISR Disbursement Form to you to receive the balance in your account.

You should mail the completed form back to DHS at:

DHS Prevention
33 Beaver Street, 20th Floor
New York, NY 10004