Coronavirus (COVID-19) Alert

The Human Resources Administration (HRA) is taking the following actions for the safety of our staff and clients until further notice:

  • HRA and the New York State Department of Health continue to extend Medicaid cases that are eligible for renewal in the month of the renewal. You do not have to return your renewal form. Your Medicaid case will be extended automatically. If your case is closed because you did not return the renewal during the COVID-19 emergency, your case will be reopened and your coverage will be restored.
  • If you meet your surplus during the COVID-19 emergency, your coverage will be extended for 6 months. If you ​have a spend-down and can't submit your bills or payment due to the COVID-19 emergency, please call the HRA Surplus Helpline at (929) 221-0835, and they may be able to authorize your Medicaid coverage for 6 months over the phone.
  • If you submit a new application for Medicaid, you're only required to submit copies of documents that prove your identity and immigration status. Don't submit original documents. If you can't submit your documents due to the COVID-19 emergency, you should still submit your application. You will be given an opportunity to submit the documents later. No other documents are required right now.
  • During the COVID-19 emergency, applications can be submitted via fax at 917-639-0731
  • During the COVID-19 emergency, Facilitated Enrollers can submit your Medicaid application to HRA on your behalf.  Applications can be submitted by mail and fax.  Facilitated Enrollers can communicate with you by email to obtain documents and information related to your Medicaid application. Get a list of available Facilitated Enrollers by borough.

Please only visit a Medicaid Office if your needs cannot be met online or by phone. Hours and locations may change.

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Medicaid offers free health insurance coverage to adults, ages 19 to 64, who meet income and other eligibility requirements.

You can get more information on eligibility, how to apply, and required documents.

Call 311 for assistance.

Children and teens 21 and under with an active Medicaid case can get preventive health services, medical care, and dental care. Caregivers who are not foster parents but are financially responsible for children in their care may also be eligible for Medicaid.

If you are in a Medicaid managed care plan and receiving Child and Teen Health Care, contact your Medicaid managed care plan to address any questions about your coverage and services.

  • Agency: Human Resources Administration
  • Phone Number: (718) 557-1399
  • Business Hours: Monday - Friday: 8 AM - 5 PM
  • Staff is available through the automated phone system during business hours. Automated assistance is also available in Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish. Most languages are available through a staff person.

If you receive Medicaid or have applied for benefits, you can get your application status, office locations, eligibility for Managed Long Term Care, and other information.

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You can get information about public health insurance, including Medicaid and Child Health Plus.

To find out if you are eligible for public health insurance, you can visit a Medicaid Office for assistance.


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By Phone

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You can get information by phone if you are unable to visit the Medicaid office in person.

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Doctors and dentists who would like to begin accepting Medicaid or already accept Medicaid recipients and have questions, can contact provider services. 

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