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Before a street or sidewalk permit can be issued, a contractor must mark the location to indicate underground utility company lines such as gas, electric, water and cable. This is required by New York State law.

Once the street construction work is completed, the contractor is responsible for removing the pre construction markings.

Contractors or excavators can get assistance with locating underground utility company lines.

  • Agency: New York 811
  • Phone Number: 811 or (800) 272-4480
  • Business Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week

Time and Length of Construction

The Department of Transportation does not have a timeframe for when a contractor will request a street or sidewalk opening permit.

Line Markings Color Codes

  • Blue: Potable Water
  • Green: Sewer and drain lines
  • Orange: Communication, alarm, signal lines, cables, conduit
  • Pink: Temporary Survey Markings
  • Purple: Reclaimed water, irrigation, slurry lines
  • Red: Electric power lines, cables, conduit and lighting cables
  • Yellow: Gas, oil, steam, petroleum, or gaseous materials
  • White: Proposed Excavation