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You can submit a complaint or compliment about the Department of Education (DOE).

Your school staff is always available to answer questions or address concerns. You also can visit the DOE’s Connect with Us page online to find out how to get help with topics like transportation, health, enrollment, and more.

Visit DOE's Connect with Us website.

You can submit a feedback about DOE public school teachers, principals, and other DOE staff members.

You may remain anonymous. DOE reviews anonymous complaints and addresses them when possible.


Contact the Department of Education.

By Mail

The Honorable Bill de Blasio
City Hall
New York, NY 10007

By Phone

Call 311 for assistance.

Department of Education (DOE) schools and offices can assist customers who do not speak English or who are more comfortable speaking another language.

You can make a complaint about school staff that was not able to provide an interpreter, either in person or on the phone, or translated documents. You can also make a request for additional language services.

You can make a complaint no matter what your immigration status is. Your child’s status at the school will not be affected.

Use the School Document Translation page to request to translate DOE documents.

Call 311 for assistance by phone.