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Cool It! NYC is a Citywide plan to increase the amount of cooling features available to the public during heat emergencies, particularly in neighborhoods that face the dangers of high heat. 

Cooling features include:

  • Spray showers
  • Drinking fountains
  • Tree cover

You can find places near you to hydrate, refresh, and stay in the shade by using the online Cool It! NYC map.

When heat advisories are in effect, the City installs spray caps on fire hydrants on certain Open Streets with dense tree canopy cover.

Open Streets with cooling features are also called "Cool Streets." 

Cool Streets are available daily from 8 AM to 8 PM and include:


  • East 140th Street from Brook Avenue to Willis Avenue
  • Jackson Avenue from East 143rd Street to East 147th Street
  • Trinity Avenue from East 166th Street to East 161st Street


  • Blake Avenue from Miller Street to Hindsdale Street
  • Henry Street from Lorraine Street to Bay Street
  • North Elliot Place from Park Avenue to Flushing Avenue
  • Williams Avenue from Liberty Avenue to Atlantic Avenue
  • Wyckoff Street from Nevins Street to 3rd Avenue


  • 101st Street from Park Avenue to 3rd Avenue
  • West 117th Street from Morningside Avenue to 5th Avenue
  • West 138th Street from Lenox Avenue to Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard
  • Edgecombe Avenue from St. Nicholas Place to West 145th Street


  • 39th Avenue from Woodside Avenue to Barnett Avenue
  • 120th Street from Atlantic Avenue to Liberty Avenue